Thursday, December 18, 2014

Too Bad to Die, By Francine Mathews

Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin are planning to get together in Iran to discuss what needs to happen to resolve WWII and defeat Germany. The Germans know that this summit is happening and it is their desire to see all three world leaders assassinated.

The Fencer and his accomplice, the Kitten, are set to fulfill Hitler's desire to see the three men terminated. Those are the code names for the spies that the Germans have in place to do their best to kill off the opposition leadership.

The Fencer turns out to be a highly placed representative with one of the three government groups. It is up to Ian Fleming, the British Naval Commander traveling with Churchill's group to find and defeat the plans of the Fencer. Yes, Ian Fleming. The same Ian Fleming who is going to bring to us British Special Agent, James Bond, 007.

Flemings task is to write scenario's and then paperwork that are fiction and are used as disinformation for the Germans to find. But now he finds himself in possession of information that is accurate and true (at least so he says) and the problem he has is trying to convince others that it is not fiction.

The story is well written and the intrigue is good. There are so many characters involved that you will find it difficult to unearth who the spy truly is.

The book is a fun read and one that would make a great gift for the reader in your home.


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