Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Homecoming, by Robyn Carr (A Thunder Point Novel)

I really enjoy Robin Carr's Thunder Point Series. I have come to know the characters well and enjoy reading more about their lives and about the little town of Thunder Point.

In this volume Seth Sileski comes back to Thunder Point. He is the former high school football star that actually made it all the way to the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. But after a horrific car accident he was no longer able to play football. He has returned to Thunder Point as the town deputy (the Sargent in charge of the three other deputies). He has also returned to see what might be up with his old "best friend," Iris.

Iris is the High School Counselor and loves helping the kids. Her family are the 350 high school students and the teachers at Thunder Point. Her mother, who was Seth's mothers best friend, has died and left a void in Iris' life.

Seth is hoping to restore their friendship and maybe take it to a new level.  But Iris wants nothing to do with him because of a very deep past hurt that he doesn't even remember.

The story is sweet. It is wholesome and true to real life. There will be lessons for everyone to learn, such as, can there be true forgiveness for past hurts? Can we set aside the past High School days of pain and become mature adults? Can love be more than a physical attraction? Can a man truly learn to change his ways and become more loving and caring?

Robyn Carr does a wonderful job of developing her stories and her characters. She also does well in incorporating past characters into the new story as well as bring along a few new ones.

Thunder Point becomes your home away from home and reminds you of everything that you miss about your old hometown.


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