Monday, December 22, 2014

Teach Yourself Visually iPad, by Gary Hart-Davis

I love this little book. I showed it to my son and he laughed, but frankly I thought it was a great idea and good for someone like myself and my wife who really wanted to get to know our iPads better.

I have had an iPad for four years, so I was pretty sure that I knew it well. But going through this visual self help book was a great tool for me. I knew a bunch of the stuff that was laid out here, but there were nagging things that I was frustrated with that were answered in the pages of this guide book.

I found the tools to open up more uses for me on my iPad. I found that the directions were easy to follow and the ton of screen shots in the book were highly helpful.

If you are getting your parents or grandparents an iPad for Christmas or another occasion this is a great book to purchase and give to them with their iPad. I guarantee that it will save you all kinds of hassle in having to explain things to them like how to have face time, how to open a dialogue box, where to go to change your settings and what the "app store" is and why there is something that keeps saying, "UPDATE."

Frankly I was frustrated that I had to keep updating my wife's iPad. She would let it go for weeks or months without doing an update on the apps. She would have like 45 updates that were needed. She would complain that her iPad was slow and acting up. But as soon as updates were done she quit complaining. Well, now with this book she understands the need for updates and where to go to make sure she is getting what she wants and why she needs the updates.

So, many problems will be solved quickly and easily. For all the money you spend on your iPad you should spend the extra money to get this book as it will guide you through so many areas that will give you full use of your iPad.

This book is a must for first time iPad users or those who need visual help to learn.

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